Welcome to the official website of Sabedinovski family!

Welcome to the official website of Sabedinovski family!


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Surname from Macedonia

Denis Sabedinovski and Jay Celle Miranda

Denis Sabedinovski and Jay Celle Miranda

1937 - 🇧🇬 BULGARIAN ARMY - Occupying army! great-grandfather Osman was in the Bulgarian Army during World War II. It was a cold winter in the military area in Bulgaria and they ate tree bark🏝️, how to survive. ( they are imagined that eating meat, the food what they loved…❤) He was carrying a wounded friend from Bulgaria to Macedonia.

1950-1980 🪢Great-grandfather Osman sold ropes at fairs, produced rope for villages. He sold for herders, farmers and people who worked in the field of land. He made a statement for “Jutarnji list”, how traffic fell, because people switched from hemp ropes to artificial ropeshow traffic fell. ( great-grandfather Osman he died 90th years at KB Dubrava in Zagreb grave in 🇲🇰Macedonia, in the years when the first president Franjo Tuđman the same the KB Dubrava, Zagreb )

🛄 Zagreb fairs motto was, “ I sell you the ropes, and you can do whatever you want with it.”

🛄 Even today: “ Play Russian Roulette in your mouth, and when I’m gone, you can shove a bazooka in your mouth.” što se mene tiće… i tako s ostalim proizvodima…

The Sabedinovski family came to 🗽Zagreb as a trade route to 🇪🇺 Europe in the 1960s from 🇲🇰 Macedonia (Tetovo, Gostivar), surviving by visiting fairs and selling. As Zagreb is a city that had the conditions for the sale of both village and city fairs, the family stayed in Zagreb, and the remaining families mostly in 🇩🇪 Germany.

5. November 1992. born in Zagreb, Croatia. At Petrova 3 Hospital the twins Bajram 22:30 and Denis 22:32 at midnight. Identical twins, each in its own envelope. Mother Marijana and father Osman graduated Trade School Zagreb, Bajram and Denis also graduated Trade School Zagreb 🎓 12 years of school. VK (secondary education or specialist). Bajram commercialist 🛄 and Denis media technician 💻. Trained 🏀basketball during school time. (5 years) Father Osman and younger twin brother Denis are right-handed, mother Marijana and twin brother Bajram are left-handed.

- Both parents, mother and father born in Zagreb, Petrova 3 hospital in 1971. From father, the family is from Macedonia from the town of Kumanovo ( Islam ), and from mother family is from Croatia from the place Podravina village Kozarevac. ( Roman Catholics , because Rome was built by two twins brother and they spread the faith to Europe. Like Twins Romul and Rem) , his grandfather Viktor was in the “Domobranskoj” Army he was a cook for the army. He had a horse in the village Podravina, Kozarevac while he was comb a horse, he pinched himself on a brush needle. and he got tetanus and had a stiff middle finger.🖕😁🐎🐎 Denis has the same mole on the same finger on the right hand.🖕😅😁 as if the great-grandfathers wanted to know where their descendants.

- grandfather Franjo qualified bricklayer. 🧱👷‍♂️on buildings throughout Yugoslavia

- grandmother Slava worked in the production of televisions, screens and chips. 📺RIZ - radio industry Zagreb