Welcome to the official website of Sabedinovski family!

Welcome to the official website of Sabedinovski family!


Travel in 2023 year

Taipei 101, Taiwan, Eternal life

Do not lose sight of your path to eternal life with the Heavenly father. Follow the principles of the gospel and the Commandments that you learn, and you will be on the right path to life with him forever.

Tainan park, Taiwan 

"Be sober and watch: your adversary, the devil, walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour."

And the cow will fall, and the bear shall fall; and the Cubs shall lie together; and the lion shall eat straw as cattle.

Lubao, Pampangna, Philipines

Lubao, Pampangna Philipines

Lubao, Pampangna Philipines

When I entered the temple I felt that I was a little above the ground. Everything was beautiful, almost heavenly. I feel so blessed to have the privilege of entering the temple.

Bratislava, Slovakia

I testify that Jesus lives, that he knows us and has the power to heal, transform and forgive.

Prag, Czech Republic

Those were special days. We began to believe that "nothing is impossible for God". Holy afternoons in Prague, Bratislava or Brno where we experienced the power and reality of Jesus continue to resonate in the lives of all of us.

Berlin, Germany

I went to the place where the Berlin wall stood. He no longer stops God's servants in bringing the message of renewal to people in eastern Europe. God's miracles continue in our time.

Vienna, Austria 

Who was Vienna Jaques? Vienna Jaques was born 10. June 1787 in Massachusetts. As a woman of faith who had significant financial resources, Vienna first met the missionaries in 1831. After receiving spiritual testimony that their message was true, she traveled to meet the Prophet in Kirtland, Ohio, where she was baptized. Vienna was obedient to the Lord's advice in Science and alliances 90:28-31. Her consecration to the Lord, including donations she gave earlier in Kirtland, came at a crucial time for the Church when leaders tried to buy a land where Kirtland temple would be built. Vienna was "faithful, and... no... docona" during her life and finally managed to "arise[you] with peace" (verse 31) in Salt Lake Valley where she died at age 96.